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We currently have 2 ways you can schedule a class to make your sign: a Private Class or an Open Class.

Private Class // You’ll need a minimum of 8 people. A class leader will need to email  ( to schedule your class. We will work with you in figuring out what designs, pallets your group would like and schedule this on our calendar. Also note that pallet paintings are step by step instructions and each person would be painting the same design.  Based on the design, wood and traveling we will price out your event.  Pricing ranges from $35-$50.

Open classes will be on our calendar. To reserve your spot you will need to sign up online.  The class description will give you information on the size of the pallet and the designs you can choose from. For more information please read below.

General Info About the Class

Will this look like the picture on the site? As long as you put the effort in! if bleeding occurs we will work with you and help you. You will pick the design beforehand and we will help you decide what colors to choose and how to create it.  It does help if you have an idea of what colors you want to use before you come to class.

Do I have to design it? No, all you have to do is pick out the colors you want and the design!   If you want something person that we do not offer you can e-mail us, depending on the design we might have to charge extra for custom designs.  This price varies based on the design. Once we send it out feel free to make revisions until you love it! What kind a designs can we choose from? We have plenty of designs you can choose from. Click here to veiw the designs. You can also chose to have a completely custom design done for a $10 design fee.

How do I sign up? Look on our calendar for our public parties it will say pallet if it is a pallet class. For private parties send us an email at and we’ll work with you to find the perfect date. After you have selected a date that works we will discuss the designs and size of the pallet we will then put this on the calendar with all the information for your guests.

Can two or more people work on the same sign? Sure. The price is per sign, so if a couple people want to come in and work on it that’d be just fine with us.

What’s the maximum number of people we can have in our class? We can accommodate 20 pretty comfortably in our studio in Lakewood. If you really want to squish them in we have done that and we can also discuss using both rooms for the event.  This also depends on the size of the pallet.

How long does a class take? Plan on your class time taking around 2.5 hours. This does depend on how complex your designs are, how many people are in the class, if everyone arrives on time, how many different colors you pick for your sign, etc… Be prepared!

What is the process of making a sign? We use a vinyl stencil process. We cut the design out on a sheet of vinyl. At the class you will use an exact knife to separate out your pre-cut design, transfer the vinyl to your board, pick paint colors and stencil, then remove the stencil to reveal your sign.

Picking Out Your Board What wood do you use? We use reclaimed wood.  The wood is not sanded, you can sand the wood down to get a sleeker finish.  The wood gives a rustic look.  If you want Pine or something specific we can always make it for you and adjust the price accordingly.

Can I make a bigger sign? Sure. Just let us know what size you want to create it and we’ll quote you a custom price.

Do you have smaller sizes? We can make smaller sizes. Although the class price does remain for the smaller signs.

What colors do you have? We have a bunch of different colors but if there is something particular you have in mind please feel free to e-mail us and check with us to make sure we can accomodate you.

Can we bring drinks and snacks? Snacks and drinks are welcome during your class. We do allow beer and wine at our classes.


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