1. How do I sign up for classes and are there rules for attendance?
Click on “Calendar”, then find the image you want to create.  Click on the image, fill in the form and click on “Submit”.

2. What if I need to cancel or don’t show up?
Because we have purchased your supplies and prepared your canvas, we have some stipulations for no shows and cancellations.  We realize there are situations where you might not be able to attend. If you are a no-show, we do not refund.  If you give 24 hours notice, we will either allow for you to reschedule, paying a $15 fee for your make up class, or we will give you a refund less then $15. For parties of three to six, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice for a reschedule or refund as above.  For parties or special events, we require a minimum of one week for reschedule or refund as above.

3. What if Artists Uncork’d has to cancel class(es) due to weather or other emergencies?
We will call and email you (if emails are working) if we have your phone number and email address and access to our internet.  Classes with less than five (5) people are subject to cancellation.

4. What do I do if I have a coupon?
Coupons all have codes on them.  When you register for the class, there is a space on the registration form for your coupon code.  When you are directed to PayPal, please make sure you fill in the correct payment box and put in your coupon code information.  Your discount should appear.  Coupons may not be redeemed for cash or used in combination with other coupons.

Private parties or group parties may not be booked with coupons.  If you have a half price pre-paid coupon with an expiration date, we will allow you to use that coupon (only one, not multiples) by paying a $15 class fee for a one month period after the expiration date.  After that date, the coupon is no longer valid and will not be honored.

5. What are the age requirements for kid’s and adult’s classes?
Kid’s classes are for children 8 or 9 and above – when you click on the image for the registration information it will tell the minimum age.  Yes, we do have adults that take the kid’s classes and that’s fine with us!
Adult’s classes are for ages 13 up.  Anyone attending class under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older.  Although adults can bring adult beverages to our BYOB events, we require they be responsible with alcohol both on and off the premises and we reserve the right to limit alcohol intake.

6. How do I schedule a special event?
We are all about having fun and we can work with you on your special events from birthday parties to corporate team building.  The minimum guests to reserve a day or night is 8.  We can handle your party at a location near your or off site.  We have different packages we offer along with catering and special gifts.  We can also design a special piece of artwork for you.  Cancellation of special events is dependent upon the event, location, date and size of the event and will be specified in your contract.

7. What should we bring to class?
We provide the supplies to create your masterpiece right down to the finished product.  We give you an apron to wear and an easel to work on – or you can put your artwork on the table; your choice.  You should wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on (just in case).  Wear your tux or tiara, jeans or jammies – as long as it covers you, we don’t care!  Just bring your smile and be prepared to have a great time!